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01-31-2013, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
Noticed that myself. I am not sure if I'd call that chasing so much as pressuring. Which is exactly what the defender directly facing the puck carrier is supposed to do in an odd man situation.

What he failed to do IMO is get his stick in the lane of the pass to the middle. He should of been cheating to the front of the net because the pass behind the net was far less dangerous.

Still not something you can blame someone for. The pass made it out front to the one of the two extra opponents and picked off an easy goal.

It's 6 on 4. Not even strength. No one played that poorly.
Not when you are down by 2 men. When you are down 2 guys you clog up the middle and try to disrupt cross ice passes and keep shots to the outside. Chasing/pressuring the puck carrier only opens up 2 on 1 situations down low cause you've removed yourself from the dangerous scoring areas. Which is exactly what happened.

Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
Pretty close so far!

I have honestly never seen such a uniform response on this board.
Yakupov over Murray was about as one sided as I've seen an HFOil poll. We'll see how this one goes

Originally Posted by Asher View Post
According to Stauffer we (ie. the fans) are wasting way too much time mulling over something as insignificant as this question.
So we shouldn't be *****ing about the guy who is primarily bleeding goals this season? Stauffer is really an apologist at this point.

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