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01-31-2013, 06:39 PM
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I will agree with the point that Ballard is playing better defensively.

He is still completely useless offensively however. He made one fantastic stretch pass a couple games ago. Other then that it is same old Ballard. Sure he can skate the puck up the ice, but he *never* does anything useful once he is up there. He shoots when he should pass and passes when he should shoot. He's also very fond of pulling the Raymond move where he holds just long enough to eliminate every single option he had and just flips it down the boards or into the goalie's glove with no screen.

I also wonder just how much of the defensive improvement is him and how much is on Tanev, who is just never, ever out of position. But I am glad his defensive play is generally better, although still pretty weak down low below the goal line.

And yes, I am aware the top four have mostly been a train wreck by comparison. That in itself does not elevate Ballard's performance IMO.

I just hope he plays himself into solid trade value, as there is almost zero chance he comes back with the Cap dropping.

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