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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'd be inclined to feel the same if this kid was actually put in a position to succeed.
Eller is most effective on the PK, and he isn't even used there. Instead we give time to guys like White, Prust and Armstrong. Not that those guys are necessarily bad, but they aren't better than Eller.
Obviously, but not sure why, he gets no PP time. To put all the odds on his side, we also make him play wing where he always looked clueless.

I'll never completely rule out a player when we never really put him in ideal situations. We seemed to be going on the right track with him last year. He was getting his time on the PK and doing well, he got an offensive winger to play with on the 3rd line and dominated opponents. Little by little, he was also getting more shutdown responsibilities and succeeding. But then Cunneyworth came in and decided to split up a very well working duo.

Yesterday was a great example of how poorly we're using him. Being used with two players that have started very slow as a winger, he looks as lost as them, no more no less. However, he gets moved back to the 4th line to center White and Armstrong, all of a sudden he looks much better.
He gets to play one solid shift on the PP, and he creates a scoring chance.

I'm not saying he necessarily deserves to play on the PP more so than others, but I think this ''earn your right'' has its limits too. You have assets and it is in your best interest to make all of them work. If Eller is struggling but would benefit from getting better offensive opportunities and playing at his natural position, then put him in those situations.
Move DD to the wing, he at least did well when placed there with Gomez-Gionta a couple years back. It was on a very small sample, but might as well try, it's not like he's doing particularly well at center. A move to the wing with less responsibilities might be better for him at this point.

If the goal is to really turn Eller into a winger, then we're gonna have to be more patient than just a 1-2 games. If not, then leave him at center where he's obviously most comfortable, give him back his bread and butter (the PK), and put him on the 2nd PP wave. If that doesn't work, I'll agree with you 100%. But before that happens, I can't really give up on him as I don't think he's being used properly.
Agree with this. And, yes, the PK sucks because Eller isn't being used.

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