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01-31-2013, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
I feel like Homer took a shot with the guys we had. When it didn't work he opened our window longer by moving 2 core peices for what could turn out to be 4 or 5 core peices and allowing our stud Center become the superstar that he could. He extended our window and made it possible for us to compete with a stacked roster as soon as last year. Schenn and Couturier will turn into studs, they just need some time to do so. Voracek is still young. At worst he is a 50 pt, big possession winger that provides speed and good entry into the zone. At best he starts to stop holding the stick so tight and turns into a playmaking RW who can bang a few home as well. Then there is Simmonds who is on a great contract and provides a gritty net presence, that we have lacked since Knuble.
Would you care to explain the thought process behind keeping a 37 year old Chris Pronger, a 36 year old Kimmo Timonen, and a 34 year old Danny Briere when your new organizational philosophy was to have a top-9 where 7 members were as follows: two 23 year olds, two 22 year olds, a 20 year old, a 19 year old, and a 25 year old rookie?

Would you care to explain the thought process of signing a 31 year old goalie to a NINE YEAR contract when you had a promising 23 year old goalie who fit perfectly in age-wise with the rest of your team?

These are all stupid moves that were made by Homer as part of his grand "rebuild". You only hang onto players like Kimmo Timonen and Chris Pronger and Danny Briere and sign a goalie like Bryz if you're in win now mode. But clearly the Flyers were not in any type of "win now" mode with the youth on that roster. People all over this board were predicting us to miss the playoffs last year. And had we done this thing properly, we probably would have. But instead, we signed Bryz, we signed Jagr, and we kept all of our aging veterans and we made the playoffs, where we had 0 chance, and got stuck w/ a draft pick in the 20s.

No team has ever won a cup (at least not since my birth) with that type of youth in their top 9. It's not possible. But Homer's "strategy" that people are praising here appears to have been to compete immediately with a roster full of 20 year olds. And now, we're finding out exactly why that was such a dumb and flawed strategy.

But still, people like you can't seem to grasp all the mistakes Homer has made. You think he's done an excellent job.

It's mystifying. It really is. People actually think it was smart to hold onto Briere, Pronger, and Timonen while rebuilding. People actually think it was smart to sign Bryz when we had Bob and were rebuilding.

I give up.

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