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Originally Posted by MetalGodAOD View Post
Guys, Larsen is a 23 year old sophmore, who's struggled at times this season. It's not the end of the world if he misses a few games. It happens with young D-men all the time in this league.

He's clearly played his way into the doghouse, and he'll have to play his way out of it. That means not taking a high stick penalty every time he gets a chance. He was playing top pairing minutes the other night, so it's not like he's completely at the point where he's going to be scratched every night.

I mean like him as much as you guys, and think he's going to develop into something great. But having a bad start and sitting a few games in sophomore year isn't anything to get worked up about. We have 8 D-men right now. It's going to get very annoying around here if we're going to ***** everytime a young D-man sits a game. Just expect that one of Oleksiak, Dillon, or Larsen will sit a given night and you'll be better off for it.
i'd be okay with this if it really was/is/will be a rotating scratch of the youngsters (& rome). except it's just been larsen so far (assuming he's scratched friday). i was okay with the first healthy scratch as a wake-up call of sorts. he then comes back, gulutzan gives him prime minutes, and he scores a goal.

to me, larsen's play hasn't been noticeably worse than jordie's or dillon's. further, his offensive abilities are better. he has a good accurate shot from the point that he's not afraid to use. he settles down the entry into the offensive zone on the power play. these skills help offset any of his supposed defensive liability and provide something the team sorely lacks.

also, i think this whole penalty thing is anomalous. he's never had a real history of taking undisciplined penalties, and i fully trust he'll learn to minimize the infractions.

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