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Originally Posted by Ryan English View Post
Haha relax man. The coach who gave that quote didn't have a list of players he's coached against in front of him.. And do you think either the coach or him was thinking Drouin > Crosby and Giroux for IQ when dropping that quote?

You get to see Mackinnon and Drouin more then him probably, but the extreme exaggeration of the quote he gave to support his side of the argument isn't going to suddenly make people think you're right.
The point was that if you're going to make that quote the be-all-end-all of your argument that someone else "knows nothing" then that's the way it goes. You live by the sword you die by it so to speak. I wasn't trying to convince anyone. I offered my opinion based on MY viewings of the two, and he said I'm wrong because other people say otherwise + used that as his supreme example.

You can't say someone who's watched him has a "wrong opinion" and "doesn't know anything" when you're the one pulling internet quotes because you don't have enough viewings to have made up your own mind. Just hurts my head. Let people have a point of view. lol

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