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Originally Posted by leeaf83 View Post
and to take it a step further, in the 10-0-72 scenario above, those 10 wins could be all via shootout.

The entire system is ludicrous because the purpose of the regular season is there to decide the playoffs; whom makes it and which ranks. Yet the playoffs do not have loser points and shootouts. Yet every year we see teams in/out of the playoffs and having higher/lower seeds due to shootouts and loser points.

NBA: exact same tie breaking format for regular season and playoffs and no convoluted points system
MLB: see NBA
NFL: pretty much the same other than the fact that ties are allowed but appropriately scored as half a win.
Hockey has much less scoring than those games, so the likely hood of a tie is much, much greater.

You can't just keep having teams playing endless OT in the regular season like the playoffs.

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