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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
$9.5m is a lot of money, and probably overpaid a bit, but 75 points puts him in the top20 for scoring last season, and the majority of guys ahead of him make a good chunk of money. unless scoring picks up and we start seeing more guys put up 100+ points, I don't think his contract is far off - if he can be a 75 point guy on a consistent basis.

the problem is the guy is signed for eight or nine more years, and even if he's a 75 point guy for the next three or four, he's probably going to start falling into that 55-65 range at some point and then that $9.5m goes from a little overpaid to albatross overpaid. For signing a 13 year deal, that guy didn't give Washington a break at all.
In terms of actual salary, Ovechkin is 9th or 10th or something. There's no backdiving in Ovie's contract.

I can't think of many teams who could justify Ovie's contract. If the Wings didn't already have Z, Franzen and Kronwall signed to contracts that are going to cost this team dearly down the road - I'd consider taking Ovie.

But even then, the cap is about to drop. So short term or long term, Ovechkin is unaffordable.

The awesome thing about this is that Leonsis was considered a "hawk" on the owners' side in the CBA and he he's essentially saddle himself with this contract forever.

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