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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post

+ Despres: Simon is playing amazing hockey. To talk about the first goal is easy. He made an above average play to keep it in w/ an awkward pass from Letang by using his skate. After he regains the puck, he makes a quick pass to Geno because his hockey awareness is great. Other parts of his game I like is his physical grit and protection of the puck by using board passes every single time. He might use the boards more than any player. That's a good thing.

+ Vokoun: He doesn't have the ceiling Fleury has, but he's so calm and cool back there. He also kills all rebounds. This is a move that you guys take for granted while you blast Shero. Could you imagine Brent Johnson being in net right now? Then we would have to overuse Fleury because we have no faith in Johny. Instead we have a guy who plays like a #1.

His calming influence also helps our defense relax. Less rebounds makes the job of a defender easy.

+ Defense: Smooth tonight. Cleared the puck when needed to and great gaps taking time away from the Rangers. I wish they'd be a little more gritty and just hammer the puck away from danger areas. Sometimes we try to be too cute or perfect. Just hammer the **** out of it. Icings >>>>> goals against.

+ Lines when they stay the same: Talking about the normal line up without all the line juggling. They start to feed off one another. I can't stand line juggling. It is so dumb. I respect putting Sid/Geno together in pressure situations, but stop all the nonsense. This team clicks when we keep it simple. Trying to be a chess player with line juggling rarely ever works. Keep it simple like we did in 09 and run with it.

+ The Lockout: The lockout helped the Rangers be average. They needed a camp more than any team in the NHL. So much talent just completely garbage right now. They look HORRIBLE.


- Bylsma: I hate hate hate stretch passes. I'll make this simple because I ***** about it 24/7. The stretch pass makes sense when you do it here/there. Every single time and all it does is take our pressure off the game. They are standing around doing nothing. There is no speed in the neutral zone. We just throw the puck 90 feet and hope. It's the absolute worst. Bylsma is already giving up on coming out of the zone with speed.

- Effort: The players did not play harder than they did against the Isles. The Rangers just matched our lack of intensity. Both teams deserved to lose. I'm so disappointed in our effort. There is no absurd determination to want to win. I blame part of it on our system which sort of makes us stand around. It's quite concerning to see the lack of effort on the ice.

And don't be fooled by winning this game. Both teams played about as bad as they can make it seem. There is waaaaaay too much talent on that ice for the game to be that piss poor. If both teams tonight played the Isles and their effort from Tuesday, the Isles whip 'em good.

- Kunitz: This is the worst I've seen Kunitz play as a Penguin. He's worthless out there. He just circles around and does nothing right. Stop and start... finish a hit. Do something positive for the team.

- Not keeping it simple: We don't support the puck well still and we aren't making simple plays. We are trying to be wayyyy too cute with the puck in almost every zone.
Amen Cole.

Two quick additions:

1. I thought Malkin was better, and I was delightfully surprised to be him trust Jeffrey more in one game than any of the other merri-go-wingers in all games combined. That said, Geno on the point on a PP . . . well, let's just say that it didn't make for unentertaining hockey and leave it at that.

2. I liked what I saw from Jeffrey tonight.

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