Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hire a PP "Consultant"
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01-31-2013, 08:51 PM
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Seriously though, what is the issue in bringing in another assistant coach whose sole job is to scout the next opponent's penalty kill, and implement it on the Rangers power play.

Okay, Torts doesn't like having too many coaches on the bench, that's fine, this guy doesn't need to be on the bench during any game. Stick his ass in the locker room in front of a ****ing television, and let him make some in game adjustments, something Torts is allergic too unless it comes to line shuffling.

This new coach/consultant can be on the ice at practice, work on the PP for 20 minutes extra every day. It's ****ing broken, and with the firepower and offensive power they have, there's no excuse.

Think about it, how many times a game do we see our PKers fatigued as **** because they've been on the ice too long during a PK? At least once a game. And how many times do we see the opposition PKers too tired because the Rangers have had puck possession AND MOVEMENT in the offensive zone? Never.

I don't like Tortorella, I never have. I'm not advocating firing him, or Sullivan for that matter. But for ****s sake, get over yourself, and bring someone in to help out.

Three power play goals all season? What a ****ing joke.

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