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01-31-2013, 08:59 PM
Hugo Sham
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
John Scott destroyed Thornton. Not only won the fight but knocked Thornton out of the game. Hell, is so slow because of everyone going there to watch the fight and post smack talk.

What is lost on a lot of people was that the Sabres scored an empty netter to really close out the game with a 3 goal lead. Normally, that's when the Bruins bring out their tough boys and commence to ganging up and beating up non-fighters..........remember Pyatt, Hamrlik and Spacek.....

7 seconds left in the game and Lindy Ruff calls a timeout. John Scott steps out over the boards to finish the last 7 seconds.

The Bruins tucked their tails between their legs and skated off the ice.

You think they would let the Canadiens leave the ice with a 3 goal lead without a fight? If you are honest, you know the answer to that one.
100% agree with what buffalo did. we're headed in the right direction. moen, white and prust. **** disturbers like subban and armstrong.

Habs have never been known for having goons who can't play. nilan, ferguson played regular shifts...

I'd like the Habs to draft a big tough winger this year with one of their seconds. a guy who can fight and score 15-20 goals.

tinrodi will help a whole lot - and I hope sooner rather than later. THere is no one else, outside of him and Schultz in the system. ok maybe Thrower.

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