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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
You should give up, your thought proccess is completely irrational. No one could have predicted Prongers injury, up until that point he was still competing at a high level and even with all that youth up front we were doing extraordinarily well. You don't think this team would be different if Pronger was healthy? Even if you go into the season thinking we can't win the cup, the reason you don't move Briere, Timonen, Pronger? 1 is all 3 have No Movement Clauses, would you prefer trading them and getting Matt Walker returns? Or would you rather have them around to mentor your young youth movement to show them what winning is about and how to lead. You think Bryz was like the worst thing possible? Guess what we have a goalie now. He's playing well. He's signed to a reasonable cap hit for a starting goalie who has a pedigree as a former vezina candidate. Why was he signed 9 years? I think thats fairly obvious, to bring his cap hit down. Some people just can't be happy with what they have they blindly hate for reasons they don't even know. It's amazing to think you are actually a fan of this team.
No one could have predicted that a 37 year old defenseman who'd largely been one of the most physical body-banging d-men in the game for the better part of 2 decades in the NHL might start to wear down, become more injury prone, and put up lesser stats as he neared 40? Ok, I guess I'll take your word for it. The way Pronger ended up being injured was unpredictable, but the fact that he didn't make it through 2012 completely healthy was no surprise to me. Nor is the fact that he'll be done in the NHL prior to age 40. If you couldn't see that he wasn't going to last another 3-4 seasons then IDK what to tell you man.

And do you really think Briere, Timonen, and Pronger all wanted to stay around and waste their final productive years in the NHL mentoring a group of young forwards who had no real chance at a cup? If we offered them to contending teams, they would've all had good value and they would've waived their NMCs. Rarely do NMCs actually end up being used to prevent the dealing of players. They might be used to stop a player being dealt to a bad destination, but the player is usually moved somewhere anyway.

Do I think Bryz is the worst thing possible? No. I'm a big fan of the way he has played this year and if we still had Richards and Carter, I would've been a big fan of him being signed. But at this point, I think Bryz is going to waste the most productive remaining years of his career while the youth on this team matures and by the time they are in their primes I think Bryz will be in decline.

I think this whole thing is a laughable calamity of terrible timing by Holmgren.

But would I ever stop rooting for my Philadelphia Flyers? Absolutely not. And the fact that you suggest that I should means you're the fairweather fan. A real fan of a team doesn't ever think about deserting their team or telling someone else to do so as you've just done. I'll stand by my team till the end. I'm a Flyers fan since birth and I'll be one till I die, but it's perfectly OK as a fan to disagree with the moves your egghead GM is making. And that's how I feel. It's also OK to be fed up w/ moronic fans such as yourself.

Being a fan of a team doesn't mean you have to be rah rah about every single thing that they do. I don't subscribe to the "Go team" soccer mom model of rooting on the sports teams I cheer for. But if you do, that's your right I guess.

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