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01-31-2013, 09:24 PM
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This team doesn't shoot when they have a chance, we don't have players that can unleash something that will make the opposing player go down on all fours if he blocks it, our hitting is almost nonexistent; no, a slight bump I don't consider a hit. Seriously, when was the last time we saw a Ranger hit somebody and the thought that went running in your head was "oh, ****, he killed him?"

Also, another ****ing game where Malkin and Crosby are up to their little tricks. Return the favor with a slew foot of your own, hit them on the ankles with your stick, throw a punch. Who cares if you get a penalty? Send a message: **** with us and you'll get hurt.

You know those pile-ups with Crosby, where he's yanking on a player or tries to remain on top of them so they don't get up that easily? Did it to Stepan last game. Someone should time it properly: when he does that, they should attempt to get up, and when he starts yanking, you throw that elbow back as hard and as fast as you can while making it seem like you lost your balance because the rat wouldn't let you go.

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