Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hire a PP "Consultant"
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01-31-2013, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
This is the one thing I don't understand about the Rangers. You guys have a fair bit of young talent on the team, but how are they going to learn when they're stapled to the bench? All players make mistakes, you need to have a coachign staff willing to work with them and teach, instead of constantly berating them on the bench in front of everyone like that.

And what about Schoenfeld? Isn't he also an off-ice assistant for the Rangers (along with his work in Hartford)? What exactly is he doing with the NHL club?
What young guy was undeservingly stapled to the bench last? Hagelin got called out in the presser last time and he was right back on this ice tonight. MDZ got sent down to the AHL for a good chunk of his second season for making dumb mistakes and he came back and has been better than ever since. The team is absolutely willing to work with and teach young players. McDonagh is a great player, stepped in as a young guy and became a first pairing player. MDZ had his ups and down with Torts, now he's got his game together and looks the best he ever has. Stepan has been doing well up until this year, and he's still the de facto 2C, he's not getting demoted or scratched or benched or whatever. Hagelin had a great year last year and he's still in the lineup on the second or third line ever night despite struggling to start off.

This team isn't playing well because there was almost no camp, no preseason and they made a lot of changes. That's it. They're not in the groove 24/7. You can see the team that they're supposed to be when they're on their game. It's not some fundamental problem with the way the team is run, it's the unusual start of the season. It'd be ideal if they came out anyway like it wasn't a weird way to start, but they're not.

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