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Originally Posted by davedave
That depends on what the Habs would be looking for. If they want to get prospects and draft picks for Souray, then a deadline deal is the way to go. Teams are seldom willing to deal those kinds of assets with a full season ahead of them, even if it's only to have something to trade at the deadline.

But if the Habs want something more tangible, like a roster player of any kind, then the time to trade him is soon. Teams will give up a roster player now because they can replace him through free agency, a breakthrough prospect at training camp, or even another trade.

I'm just not sure that having Souray for 20 regular season games and the playoffs is more valuable than a full season and the playoffs. If he had some hideous contract, maybe for cap reasons, but at 2.whatever million, I don't think that matters much in Souray's case.
In the past I'd have said you were absolutely right, but with the new cap system in place, you're more likely to see big name players dumped for salary reasons in mid-season than you were before. While the Federov and Thornton trades weren't made at the deadline, they are examples of trades that would have almost never happened under the old system. Names are traded for names a lot more now; in fact Bob has already pulled one off Aebischer for Theodore.

As a rental where the team getting him would only be on the hook for like 4 months worth of salary while they are dumping a longer term deal it is possible to get a top 6 forward or a top 4 defenceman. As long as the Habs give themselves breathing room under the cap to add salary later in the year, this kind of deal remains a possibility.

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