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01-31-2013, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
What was wrong with that season? 70 points (41 goals) in 55 games? Hate on him because of his behaviour if you want, but don't make up stuff just that you have a reason to talk him down even more. If I remember correctly, most of the posters here were satisfied with Ninos accomplishments in that season.

I don't think it's good style the way Nino and his agent are acting at the moment, but let's face it: If Snow goes the "YOU don't have to tell me anything" route the situation will get even worse. Of course they can sit him in Bridgeport, of course they just can't call him up, of course they can ignore it. But with every action the chances of Nino resigning or easy RFA negotiations are shrinking. If they still think highly of Nino and really only want his best and a common future then they need to please him a bit and call him up sometime.

It's a win-win situation: If Nino gets the chance, earns his spot and stays with the Islanders, all will be good and the Islanders added a capable player. But if he fails to earn his spot then that's the affirmation that Snow was right, Nino will go to Bridgeport again and his camp will have to shut up.
I'm not hating on Nino. I fully expect him to play for the Isles at some point and all will be forgotten. But the fact is that 70 pts in 55 games in a post-draft year in the WHL is not burning it up. Combine that with an unspectacular WJC and it's not like Nino made a statement that he was ready for the top lines.

The point is, Nino is complaining about 4th line minutes last year. But it's not like his post-draft season was so spectacular that he forced the Isles to give him a top 6 role. A lot of posters on this board wanted him to go back to the WHL for another year, in fact. So instead he got his foot in the door of the NHL and did nothing to move up the ladder (1 point and -29). What is he, 20? Play well, earn it, and force the Isles to bring him up with his play.

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