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01-31-2013, 09:43 PM
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I too was sucked in by the hopes that this was a new and improved Jets team, but now I'm starting to resign myself to the fact that this team will spin its tires at .500 until Bogo gets back, and probably won't make an appreciable jump from their record last year unless Pavs figures his **** out. Our PP and PK have sucked lately, but I'm pretty confident that'll sort itself out in due time.

Was there ever a game that more perfectly illustrated how ravaged our defensive depth is? You can't expect to win many games with Hainsey on the first pairing and Stuart playing key defensive minutes. I thought those two were exposed today more than any other game. And despite his goal, I thought Enstrom was very average overall.

Pavelec did make some very nice saves in the first two periods, but then gave up a pair of softies in the 3rd. It's a zero sum game with him, he's making big saves and allowing stoppable shots. There's no way this is a playoff team unless Pavs is playing like an above average netminder, and right now he's simply not. He's playing like a pedestrian #1 goalie, and allowing an average of one soft goal per game.

Kane's been playing great lately, so it's hard to get too down on him, but man did he have some WTF moments this game. The giveaway that led to the 5th goal was the obvious one, but there were several other moments where he just seemed unaware of his surroundings, and did nothing useful with the puck.

Blah. On the plus side, I have a good feeling the Jets will come out like world beaters vs. the Lightning. Playing to the level of the competition, it's how we do.

Originally Posted by Duke49 View Post
Disappointed in Pavs. I'll try to catch some highlights if possible. Hard to get a read of how he is really playing when half the people on here seem to change their opinion on a daily basis.
I dunno man, consensus here seems to have been that he's been playing somewhere between ok and below average.

It's weird, because he's been better statistically, but it seems like he's giving up more bad goals on average than he was last year. Too many pucks from 30+ feet getting by him, or yielding brutal rebounds (ie. on Mueller's goal).

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