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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
The market wasn`t great, but the Blues and Habs would of had interest as well so there would of been several offers if Feaster would of shopped him better. Why move him at all if the right deal wasn`t available.

The Sabres had no problem sending Kotalik to the minors and most people knew in Calgary if the AHL was Kotalik`s destination that he likely would of went overseas anyways so there was no need to trade a 2nd just to dump Kotalik.

We can both agree that it was a bad idea to package Kotalik with Regehr and as such it likely decimated Regehr`s trade value. I would of been way happier to see Regehr dealt for one quality piece rather than 2 mid level spare parts. I will never believe that was the best available deal out there. I think Feaster should of done of his homework better as to inform ownership there was no need to deal Kotalik.

All I gotta say is thank God JW is on board now.
Regehr was injury prone, bitter and cankerous in the locker room, too slow for the kind of team Feaster wanted, and more or less wanted out. On top of that, he had a NTC.

Even if Kotalik went over seas, the Flames would still have had to pay part of his salary. That was the issue - the owners weren't willing to eat his 3M, either in the AHL or abroad in addition to spending to the cap. Feaster was handcuffed in that regard. It was either keep Kotalik on the roster, or find a way to dump him.

What Feaster does deserves criticism for, is in thinking Byron was worth a 2nd round pick and thinking Butler was worth anything at all.

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