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01-31-2013, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by moosemeister View Post
We had one hell of a run. The past three years have been amazing. Memories I will never forget, and I'm hoping year four brings just as much excitement.

The boys on the ice may start to play bad due to this ownership saga, but I have met a lot of these players, and I want them to have fun and enjoy their time here as much as I have enjoyed seeing them here.

Lets win games, lets make the playoffs, and lets make this run our best yet.
Absolutely, for the players and the fans I want this all to somehow work out in the end and very quickly.

I too fear a bit of a letdown on the ice following this latest blow, I am sure it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall in the Doan household tonight.

I let myself get far to invested in this whole Jamison business, I spent far too much time reading twitter accounts and BOH daily. I got sucked in, and now that the Jamison chapter is likely closed I know I won't do that again. It is a consolation to know that all of that time I wasted I would not have used productively otherwise, I would have just wasted it differently.

Hopefully the players can continue to perform in spite of the mess and put together a good season. It starts this weekend.

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