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01-31-2013, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
Kane's been playing great lately, so it's hard to get too down on him, but man did he have some WTF moments this game. The giveaway that led to the 5th goal was the obvious one, but there were several other moments where he just seemed unaware of his surroundings, and did nothing useful with the puck.
Kane has had those in every single game this season. Normally his running around and hitting and scoring cover it up, but if he is not those mistakes get noticed more. Kane is very poor defensively, and not smart in the attack. That never changes.

But he'll bounce back and have a good game here soon. He is what he is and overall he helps the team. Sucks on nights like tonight, but it's part of life of having the highs of Kane, you will have games like tonight.

Pavelec needs to be better. I mean really, that is the key here. It's not like that's 100% his fault, but really he needs to be. Does not seem to rise to the occasion. Would like to bring in a Bernier to push Pavelec. Never liked his long term deal, and it might come bite us in the ass yet if he cannot figure his **** out. Problem is that the Jets NEED him to figure it out right now, this core cannot afford to miss the playoffs again in a mediocre spot.

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