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01-31-2013, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
He may not be a bust, but he was a bad value of a pick.

Even if he turns out to be really good, the Stars have a logjam ahead of him. If they go to trade him, could they even get back a pick of equal value? Goalies don't bring much in trades.
You have 6 years before you even have to start legitimately worrying about losing him as an UFA, and Kari Lehtonen only signed for 5 years.

Yes you could have had some instant gratification with a D or F, and yes drafting a goalie in the first round is a huge risk, but you're also in a pretty good position if you just keep being patient. Worst case scenario, your 1st round pick doesn't work out which happens. Best case scenario, in a few years you have the same situation that Vancouver is facing right now, but you don't have a veteran signed to a god awful contract. Then no it won't be that difficult to recoup the value of that pick.

Bottom line is, he has talent and more importantly a pretty outstanding work ethic. If you have a guy who is willing to work for his dream of being an NHL player, you're in a pretty good spot. Just think, he could always have Glennie's attitude.

At some point everyone has to chill out and get over the fact Dallas burned a 1st on a goalie. It happened. The guy responsible is gone. Now give the guy a chance. We know the team has a good reputation developing goalies, and they've got a hell of a goalie coach who is respected around the league.

Seriously ... we ***** less about Glennie, and that was a monumental mistake. We can hardly blame their talent evaluation on that guy because they didn't even put much effort into scouting him. They essentially drew a name out of a hat. That's absurd.

EDIT: ... and Bob Sturm is the worst on this topic. I'd love to have some of those defenders too, but we are beating a dead horse at this point.

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