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01-31-2013, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by rabbit3119 View Post
Well, long story short, i was born in Phoenix, lived there for 15 years, and moved to Torrance/Long Beach for my remaining years of high school. Lived in Cali for five years, until i just recently moved back to AZ for business. Long story short, i will be losing my born and bred team within the next year to Quebec or Seattle. Just wanted to get acquainted with you all, as during my 5 years living there, the Kings started to slowly grow on me. It's going to be hard for me to get as attached as I was, and still am with the Coyotes to another team in the NHL, but i feel i have an advantage compared to my fellow Coyote fans due to my slow growing attachment to the Kings. I will be popping in here from time to time and giving my input, but i will remain a Coyotes fan until the day their move is official. One thing is for sure, i am a huge hockey fan, and i hope you'll accept me as a fan in training

God bless your travels on the 405, take care.
While I respect what you decide to do if the team moves but at the time I can't say the same. Gary Bettman and the NHL have been an incompetent joke in this entire process since they received the keys back from Jerry Moyes. Unless the team remains in AZ with a new owner, I am done with the NHL if the team leaves while spitting on the fans and the taxpayers of Glendale AZ in the process.

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