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07-01-2006, 01:43 PM
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We first need to estimate if we want some new faces just for the fun of it or 'cause we think that our team needs improvement to go further. Once this is done, and thinking all of our players are 1 year older, and we will have Huet for the whole year, are we then a better team than we were last year.

And then last but not least, what other teams made some improvement that could permit them to not only stay in front of us or even surpass us.

With all of this, if you think that again we will be a contender.....for the 8th position, well we're playing with fire and we also are a miss the playoffs.

If it's OK with you then fine....2007 is suppose to be a great draft......But I believe that every team that needs some kind of progression needs some change along the way, I believe that you don't need to think that a player plays like crap to want him out of your lineup 'cause like every other team and every player will tell you at least once or twice in their life, ''a change of scenery is needed''.

If we only based ourselves with the '' do you want to give this guy a chance'' well why shouldn't give a chance to every player that was year last year? Why wouldn't you want to keep Bulis, the guy did score some goals last year, and bring back Sundstrom as well, the guy did do the little things.....

And I don't believe that you'll see that great of progression if the only new guys in the lineup are rookies....I'll be glad to see Kosty and Lappy but they're not the one that are going to get you that far in the playoffs.....

It always depends on what you want in your team. You will be OK with not making the playoffs this year since things are looking great for the ''future'' fine, you want to make the playoffs by 1 point, fine, you want to be a contender not only with your talent, but with your speed, skill and grit, well it's not fine as far as this team is concerned.

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