Thread: Prospect Info: Jonas Brodin (Part II)
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01-31-2013, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by IAGTTAYM View Post
Uh, go ahead and read some of the posts from part one. They really deserve it.
Well, then you can PM them about it at laugh all you want. If I see a new post on this thread, I expect it to be related to Jonas Brodin, perhaps a news piece on him or someone's take on his progress. I don't want to see a bunch of bickering about people's negative views on a recently-drafted prospect.

I think I'm right in saying nobody expected what we've seen from Bacon, not this soon. Furthermore, everyone is allowed to have their opinion. It's not like draft day predictions even matter. When a prospect is drafted, all most of us know about him is his size, stats and some scouting reports, maybe describing his style of play and his strengths and weaknesses. A 17-year old puck-moving D with good mobility and awareness, yet an unimpressive statline? You bet people are not satisfied. Not until they saw him and heard some first-hand scouting reports. Some were hoping that Flahr really knew what he was doing, others were disappointed (as said before) that we didn't get Couturier or Hamilton.

All of that happened almost two years ago. It's not relevant anymore. Things get heated in sports, and as I said above, draft picks can create a lot of controversy around the fanbase. Hell, if you want a good example, look at Mikael Granlund. Hailed as the Finnish Baby Jesus by just about everyone about two weeks ago, and now the same people want to send him down.

It's all about credibility, isn't it? Everyone loves to say "I told you so". Take a look at that guy in the MG thread. I don't even remember his name, just some nobody who came here to gloat about lucking out on some half-arsed prediction made 3 years ago. Trying to shove crow into everyone's face, laughing at our "misfortune". I thought the rest of you were above it.

Apparently not. You're* no different from a bunch of schoolyard bullies, reminding their subject every day about a mistake he/she made that is no longer even relevant.

Grow up.

*As a group, not referring to you personally.

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