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01-31-2013, 10:22 PM
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Late to the party...watched the game from the start after working through the first two periods.

+ Despres. He's still inconsistent out there - he plays with a little too much confidence in the defensive zone sometimes and the penalty was a weak one to take...but outside of those two plays he was in position, he was making proper passes, he was playing generally a smart game...and that backhand was perfect. Overall a great game and he's already showing marked improvement from the start of the season.
+ Neal. That deflection was Crosby-esque.
+ Adams. For as much derision as he's taken, and likely will continue to get around here...he's been far closer to the Adams he was during the Cup run and following season than the Adams that deserved the derision from last year. PKing ace.
+ Cooke. He had at least two opportunities to surgically remove a Rangers' head from their shoulders and instead went for a little bump...his mere presence through the players off. His game itself wasn't anything to write home about outside of some great work on the PK, but this is the kind of game that convinces me that he actually has changed.
+ Vokoun. So positionally sound. The Rangers didn't have many great chances today, but they also didn't get any random good chances because of the goalie taking himself out of the play. It's so nice to have a goalie who's always where he should be.

- The game. Blech. Two sloppy teams trying to out-suck each other.
- The Rangers. They just look awful right now. Even less chemistry than what we have. The Penguins didn't play a good game tonight and the 3-0 score was still deserved based on how much worse the Rangers looked out there.
- The NY Rangers announcers...the NHL Network uses the home team's feed and I suddenly understand why so many Rangers fans are the way they are. Every time a Penguin fell down they were "trying to call a penalty", every time a Ranger fell down "that could have been a penalty". Come on. The dumbest thing was the lengthy rant against Crosby for not getting why he was looking at the ref after being checked into the boards - I agree with the non-call by the ref, but Del Zotto's left hand was on the #8 as he rode Crosby into the boards...far lesser plays have been called boarding this year. It's pretty easy to understand why Crosby looked at the ref. He didn't bark at the ref, he didn't complain to the ref, he never even opened his mouth...he just looked at him.

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