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01-31-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Bingo; we have a winner! I've been saying exactly that all along about Stephanie. Oh by the way, to the genius who thinks he's better than Henrique, he returned tonite to the Devils and scored a goal!
Good for him! Go become a Devils fan then. You constantly criticize Rangers players, good or bad, anyway. So it would be an easy transition for you. Seriously. Cool it with the Rangers hate. We get it. You hate Stepan, DZ, Staal last year, Gaborik, or really anyone else. I get that your trying to be objective, but honestly, you just end up sounding like a broken record. "Stepan sucks! Here's a list of 50,000 players who are better than her!"
"Staal sucks! Coming back from a concussion is no excuse to play poorly!"
"Rangers drafting sucks!" They should have drafted Parise, Getzlaf, Letang, Yandle, Giroux, Eberle, Zajac, Krejci, Lucic, and any one else who was never considered a GREAT prospect and was passed over by 29 other teams."

We're all fans of the same team. And it's OK to be critical of them when they're not playing well, but let's stop with the repeated hating of them or giving all of them girl names.

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