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01-31-2013, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeygoon15 View Post
I've added in bold where the players you mentioned were selected overall. Using your logic, you're calling out close to half of the GMs in the league for letting players like Terasenko fall to 16.

I think the big thing that you are missing here is that these "current NHL regulars" are all drafted when they are 18 year old kids. 18 year olds are still growing and developing. These are kids, not men. Sure, some people are fully developed by that age, but the vast majority of 18 year olds are still going to be growing an inch or two and adding another 20 pounds or so before they're finished. Hell, just take a look this upcoming draft. You have guys like Burakowsky who is 6'1"/178 vs guys like Pulock at 6'/211. Pulock can probably jump right in to an NHL game. Burakowsky would fair as well as an 8th grade girl. Just because Snow isn't drafting "NHL ready" players does not mean that he has failed at drafting. In fact, I believe the opposite -- I think he has done a great job drafting. deHann was a solid pick and I don't think you'll find anyone who will complain about Strome's potential. Nino is still an unknown. How many Hugh Jessiman's has he drafted? (Perhaps Nino will make the Jessiman pick look good, but lets hope not.)
I've stated my disagreements earlier in this thread with Snow's picks the past couple years and do agree with the poster that you quoted. But I do agree that these are kids and I could be proven wrong and will GLADLY eat crow if Strome ends up better then Couterier and Nino has a better career than Fowler. I'm just as happy as anyone else that our farm system is so stacked, I just have had a few disagreements with the moves... Doesn't mean I'm not going to cheer my ass off for Strome or who ever.

-I know you were just using him as an example but if I remember correctly I was high on Tarasenko but the only reason he fell so much was because he was signed in the KHL.

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