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01-31-2013, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
I don't see Dallas doing this trade. Trading Morrow, even though I personally feel it should be done for the best of the team, would represent a full rebuild from GM Joe Nieuwendyk.

It's not realistic for a rebuilding team to trade one UFA for another UFA. He'll be looking for future assets like picks, prospects, or young players.

I wouldn't get excited about Dallas fans agreeing with a Morrow proposal. I include myself in this group, but most just want to see Morrow gone so they'll say yes to anything.

Seriously considering this though from what we know about Joe Nieuwendyk, this just doesn't make a ton of sense.
While I agree most "rentals" fetch that kind of a return at the trade deadline, which is more than likely when Morrow will be moved if he is, I can't imagine him returning any significant futures unless his play drastically improves and his value thus increases. If the trade deadline was today and the Stars wanted to shop Morrow, I'm sure they'd find a taker but the return would be minimal. I'd expect an alright prospect or a third or fourth at MOST for him right now; I think the third is a stretch honestly. His value is at an all-time low. If we were talking about this a few years ago, you'd have teams lining up to trade a first or second and a prospect for the guy, but he's nowhere near what he used to be unfortunately.

I think this proposal does help both teams. I don't see Dallas panicking to rebuild two weeks into the season, even if it's a shortened one. Same goes for Buffalo. Both teams are what, a win out of eighth? It's far too tight to declare any team out and judging by what Dallas did in the offseason, a rebuild in the near future is not in their plans; they intend to make the playoffs this season. Also, how does trading Morrow signal a rebuild? He's been one of the worst players on the team for about two years now and besides being the captain, holds little value in the success of the Stars. If Dallas can get some value for him and improve their team to make a playoff run this year, why hold onto him when odds are you don't get a significant return at the deadline assuming you're out of it and he continues to play poorly and that he won't be re-signed anyway. I'd assume making a trade to try to get someone to come in and help the team now would be a smart move. Again, I don't see Dallas rebuilding now.

Leopold has been equally as terrible as Morrow really. He and Myers have safely been our worst two defensemen this year so far. But both teams could use a small shake-up and this proposal addresses a need for both sides. I'd do it but although I'd love Morrow to come in here and be a huge difference-maker, I've grown to accept that he's not the player he used to be and that happening could be a big stretch. Regardless, I'd take him. If he gets some of his game back he'd make us better. Leopold has shown he can play way better than he has too. Both teams would make a small tweak and hope it helps them. If not, both players walk July 1st.

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