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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
Then put me on ignore if you have an issue. It wasn't just one loss Juggy it was the whole weekend 18 goals given up over 3 games and they didn't look good in any of the games. If they go out and get 2 out of 3 which is a must I will give them credit but the bigger issue is they can't have a week like they just had. I am just of the opinion top prospects(americans) won't be pounding down the door to play in Windsor when the team isn't good. Right now over the past 2 years Windsor is in the class of Erie, Kingston and Peterborough.
Why don't you put the team on ignore if they offend you so much that their shortcomings are all you see? I've never heard you say anything about the great potential of Ho Sang, I've never heard you say anything about how great it is to have Koko back, I've never heard you say anything about how strong a player our American Sieloff is, I've never heard you say anything whatsoever about this team other than it isn't good enough at this or that to suit you. I'm serious. You want me to just put you on ignore, but your trolling and baiting points all board discussion back to YOUR mental opinions about the team rather than on the team itself. You aren't a bandwagon fan my friend, you're a London fan or a Plymouth fan who's wearing our dead captain as an avatar to buy undeserved credibility. I would ignore you but I get to read your posts as replies anyway whenever somebody is fed up with your gloomy whining enough to reply to it and ignoring you would rob me of that "pleasure".

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