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01-31-2013, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Heaton View Post
So had Babcock played Nyquist 15 minutes in the top 6 he would've stayed up? Holland didn't make room for Nyquist, he was never staying up.
From the roster of forwards going into the season, it's pretty clear that you're right- there wasn't going to be room for either Nyquist or Tatar. But given the ineffectiveness of the bottom 6 in the scoring dept, it's not too late for KH to adjust a few things though.

Serious question here- how do the rules governing putting a guy IR actually work? I'm thinking of Cleary here, and while I'm guessing you can't put a guy on IR for a case of REALLY sucking on the ice, he's gotta have some kind of minor bump or bruise. So, could the Wings use that as an excuse to IR Clearly and bring up Tatar or Nyquist for the 3rd line?

I know it could be kind of a mess to sort out as guys get back healthy, but I honestly think the team would be better and more balanced with one of those guys playing 3rd line mins and seeing some PP time. Either would be a massive upgrade over Cleary in ES and PP situations, and we have a lot of guys to PK.

I suppose my end thought is getting at least one of those 2 up, playing regularly against top competition, and if/when most of the forwards become healthy, KH makes a move or 2 in sending out virtually any of logjam of mediocrity that is the current bottom 6 crowd (short of Helm and Tootoo, who are the only ones who bring something unique to the team).

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