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02-01-2013, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by RR View Post
I think we're done. This is all too Atlanta-ish.
They drag it out here until we're done playing the season and the "mystery buyer" then drops out. No choice but to move the team. I feel like we've been played by the NHL. And I'm ticked!
Totally agree with all of this. I feel the NHL has been playing Glendale and the fanbase for some time now. When this all began the only place to move the team to was Winnipeg, soon some other potential cities will be ready. I feel they been selling false hope for a while waiting for relocation destinations to get ready. Infuriating.

The lockout didn't bother me much, I saw both sides of the issue and understood why they disagreed. This situation however has my blood boiling; all this time, all these charades, all these jokes of potential owners, it is disgusting.

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