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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Someone clearly has never been to Indianapolis.
Toronto 3 has a better chance of happening than Indianapolis.

Portland and Houston are 100% contingent on their power brokers - Paul Allen and Les Alexander. If those guys want teams, they'll find a way to get one. If they don't...well those places aren't getting teams.

If I had to make a list of markets that I think could host hockey, and doing so only in a short-term window...
1. Quebec City - It's going to happen, be it the Coyotes or expansion. They're building an arena and they will come.
2. Seattle - Tons of money in the city, the demographics fit for the NHL, and the arena is going to be's too attractive of a market for it not to happen.
3. Toronto 2 - Expansion. I'm not crazy about the idea of two teams being so close together...but the precedence has been set and the NHL isn't about to get rid of the Islanders, Devils, or Ducks...also the team will be insanely profitable. I question how much more money the team would bring in overall rather than just relocating funds from the Leafs to another team...but that is one arena that is a guarantee to sell out every night, regardless.
4. Houston - It's in Les Alexander's hands, really. He's shown little interest in an NHL franchise, and I don't think that'll change any time soon...but if it does Houston will have a team.
5. Portland - It's in Paul Allen's hands, really. He's shown absolutely no interest in an NHL franchise since he lost out on the Penguins in 1999 and seems to hold a vendetta against the league, and I don't think that'll change any time soon...but if it does Portland will have a team...and I think they'd be a huge success.
6. Kansas City - They need a solid ownership group for anything to happen, and there isn't one and there isn't any inkling that one will appear any time soon. The Spring Center has been insanely profitable without an anchor tenant, so they're hardly desperate enough to pull a Glendale situation and give a team huge financial breaks to play there. If someone came along and had the pockets to buy a franchise...they'd have the arena right there.
7. Milwaukee - If the Bucks leave they come into play...but as long as the Bucks are there it's too small of a market to hold teams in both leagues with any sort of success.
8. Hamilton - Copps is a dump, the city isn't exactly going through a boom era, they'd have a negative effect on Buffalo, the city isn't properly connected to Toronto...just too many negatives. That and the league will never allow Balsillie anywhere near a franchise. There are just too many negatives working against Hamilton.

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