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02-01-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain Coyote 96 View Post
Fortunately for you other Coyotes fans in Winnipeg, I imagine you would be understandably be less upset about the team leaving AZ, since you live thousands of miles away. Additionally now that there is Jets 2.0 you can root for the Quebec/Seattle Whatevers, whenever they come to town. But for those of us in AZ the relocation will be very upsetting, because we will have no nhl hockey to watch live. But I'm sure you already understand how upsetting it will be for us to lose them as I am sure you were very upset when the Jets originally came to Phoenix.
I am sure that you are upset about the news tonight, but you are making many assumptions here about me and I have to assure you that they are nearly all wrong.

I was very upset when the team left Winnipeg, but I never held it against AZ. I followed the team on the then-new internet closer then I actually did when they were the Jets. I have lurked this site since its inception and finally joined during the playoff run last year, so I could to talk to fellow Yotes fans.

Feel free to check my posts all over this site tonight to see my level of upset about the events of the day. If you need to vent after today's bad news, join the club; but point it somewhere else captain

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