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01-31-2013, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
I refuse to believe in this team until we can win a season series agianst Pittsburgh. Adding Nash was nice but this team is offensively ******** against good teams like Pittsburgh and Boston.

You want to know what the problem is? It's not even a coaching issue. It doesn't matter who comes in. This team wasn't built to score. Our entire blue line is horrific offensively. Del Zotto is decent. Everyone else is bad offensively. If you think anyone else is good, your standards have been lowered from seeing such poor play for so long.

Also this team flubs passes regularly. Then you watch a team like Pittsburgh and it's like they have puck magnets built into their sticks. We're a wanna be offense compared to them.

And ALSO if you want to know why our power play sucks here's the two primary reasons:
1.) They don't work the offensive zone as much as they should. Tonight they even stood completely still. Embarassing.
2.) Teams know how to defend us because as a team they know we blow hard at passing so they simply rush the puck carrier and generally this causes a turnover.

Literally the only thing that could help our offense/PP would be to get a shot from the point for either deflection or rebound goals because this team is too offensively ******** to do anything with real skill consistently.
We looked fine against Boston in the second game. The team sucks in all aspects against the Pens. Just the team they can't beat. I'll be shocked if we win 1 game this year against them.

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