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01-31-2013, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post

What does it say about the Avs viewpoint of him when they're only prepared to offer him $3.4m on a 5-year deal to a 21-year old player? Furthermore, what does it say when they're prepared to offer him a higher salary for a shorter term deal? Going one step further, what does it say when nobody in the league is willing to give him something like a 3-year $12-14m deal, and give up a 1st/3rd to get it done?

To me, the offer of $3.4m a year tells me that they definitely don't view him as a #1 centre, and questionable as a #2 centre. $3.4m definitely falls into the #2/3 category for centres.

The fact that they're prepared to offer him $3.5m / 2 also suggests, that they don't think he's going to get any better in those additional 3 years, infact, worse, when you consider inflation.

The fact that nobody in the league has given him an offer sheet worth signing yet, suggest that other teams viewpoint is similar to the Avs, and not the Avs fanbase.
I don't even know why i'm responding to this troll, but whatever.

What's your view on Subban and no offer sheets then? And him being paid $2.8 mil/yr? Did every GM think he wasn't worth more than that? Do you consider him a #4 defenseman because thats what hes getting paid at?

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