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01-31-2013, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by drgregg View Post
Oh it has ended but like a headless chicken it is going to run around for a while not knowing that it is dead.
This is exactly what I think. There will be more rumours upon rumours and then one day after the Coyotes are eliminated from the playoffs, there will be a swift announcement from the blue that "Oh look, we completed a sale to this group in QC". And that will be that.

(Skip to the end, I unintentionally began a rant that I could not stop)
And the league has been talking out of both sides of its mouth since they put the operating loss for the first season into the sales price. For all the talk about wanting to keep the franchise here, the only reason they are still here is that Glendale has kept footing the bill.
Which brings us to the question of why Glendale would drop $50 million into the Coyotes, but weren't willing to make concessions when it came time to make a deal with the available bidders and now is going to watch the 50 million walk into the sunset (disclaimer: I'm against tax-payer money for sports teams; I also think it's the height of idiocy to throw out 50 million because you want to keep the team and then walk away when you could have made a deal and got bent over by JR or Hulsizer, but at least you'd have kept the team -- this is the worst possible outcome for Glendale).
If we were going to lose the team, it would have been ideal to send them back to the Peg. It would still sting, but it'd have a certain symmetry to it.
I feel for you guys, because I began to divorce myself from the team emotionally last year. I thought we were done then. I've still watched, but was pretty certain they were gone. Some of you are just starting that bitter road. And worse, I've remained a full-time Blackhawks' fan the entire time, so it won't be quite as terrible for me. I'll still follow the franchise with a passing interest, but it won't be the same. I'll have to start posting on the Blackhawks board.

Thanks to the many posters on this board for the good deal of pleasantly wasted time over the years.

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