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01-31-2013, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Northern Neighbour View Post
Those teams are great because not only did they have great, skilled players, but they also had role players willing to do their jobs. In the NHL, you don't win on skill alone. You also need guys who are willing to hit, grind, get to the net and score those ugly goals, and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

No one is saying that you solely need grit to win games and championships. Get this out of your thick skull. What Flameaholic and I are arguing is that you need the right mix. You can't just have a team full of skilled players, which the Flames are right now. You also need those gritty, tough players. And again, I have shown time and time again that the best teams in hockey have that mix. However, as usual, you're too stubborn to totally comprehend the other person's point of view.
I know what you are saying but I am saying we don't have the skilled physical guys to begin with so adding 4th line grit is like adding an extra stick to Butler it just doesn't do anything. We need another top player that is also gritty the guys you listed aren't going to fix the problem we don't need 8 minute a night guy we need a Downie or a Hartnell

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