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01-31-2013, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by PAZ View Post
While I agree to it at an extent, i'm sure we can play better than this dump and chase garbage with no breakout and no system. It went from a run and gun to this current setup, none which give us any type of puck control.
Part of that is because the guys who can skate the puck out of the zone and make crisp outlet passes (i.e., Liles) are mostly gone. Also not here at present are guys whose bread and butter are taking the puck away from the opposition (i.e., O'Reilly).

Also, part of playing a puck possession game is speed, the ability to win those races to the puck and use speed, passing, and skill to get space between you and the opposition. Right now the Avs are a little on the slow side (especially on defense) to do anything like this.

There's a reason we don't "run and gun" anymore. The elements that made us a run-and-gun type team aren't here anymore. A big reason we were so successful offensively was because of a defense that not only could skate/pass the puck to the forwards, but could jump into the play and did so quite often. You honestly don't think guys like Wilson, O'Byrne, Zanon, and Hejda can do something like this, do you?

A more offensive system could be employed if we had a defense that could implement it. We don't, so yeah, like it or not, we're a dump-and-chase team until the Avs make a move to acquire a puckmover or one of Barrie/Elliott finally make the team full-time and make an impact.

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