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02-01-2013, 12:01 AM
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Let's see

Quebec City (new arena planned, have NHL-capable arena already, have the prospective owner, the money. They have everything in place)
Seattle (Not right now, though in a few years yes. New arena being built for NBA primarily though they want to build the capability to host the NHL too. They want a NBA team. Hockey only= no. Hockey can only come 2nd. Not sure all the pieces are in place to pursue a hockey bid yet since they're still trying to get the Sacramento Kings)
Hamilton (Maybe. They'll have to fight Markham for it)
Kansas City (no owner. They seem content with non-sports events)
Houston (potential owner doesn't want a team at this time. Waiting on someone new)
Milwaukee (look around here. There was a thread in the past month discussing hockey in Wisconsin. In short, it's strong elsewhere, but Milwaukee/SE Wisc. is the part of the state least interested in hockey. The geography is just too problematic and Madison is way too small and too into their college team)
Portland (they seem to have no interest in anything except soccer)
Indianapolis (No)

You get points for not even bothering with Las Vegas.

The only real candidates thru the end of the decade in order seem to be:
1.) Quebec City
2.) Seattle
3.) Markham
4.) Houston (capability, desire, but no owner)
5.) Kansas City (capability, no owner, no desire)
6.) Hamilton (if they get more done, they move up the list)

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