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12-15-2003, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Munchausen
I don't buy into homer voting your favorite team players in, but this is an exception because Souray truly deserves to be there (as well as Theodore) and nobody else is gonna vote for him outside of Habs fans just because it takes time to get recognition league wide when you were never expected to do anything at all to begin with.

If Souray keeps up the pace, all the ignorant fans saying he would be no more than a #4 on a good team will eat some serious crow pie. He'd be the #4 in Ottawa maybe, but there's not a whole lot of teams in this league with Ottawa's dream defense. Souray is blossoming into an amazing player and a legit top-2 Dman. If he can continue to dominate physically in his own end with great consistency, we look damn good for the future.

Looking back, that injury was the best thing that could happen to him. Just because (and he said it himself) it allowed him to mature outside of the game, take a step back and reflect on his career and look at ALOT of hockey to improve his hockey sense. He came back as a new player. This doesn't happen often in this league and we should be glad it happened in Montreal (should we look back at those "trade Souray for a 4th pick" threads before the season started now? )
And now, the trade Malakhov for Souray (with Dewolf) looks almost like a steal hehe.

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