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02-01-2013, 12:27 AM
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We're certainly seeing that our offensive consistency is taking a hit with Cally out and with us having to rely heavily on some young guys (Hags, Stepan and Kreider who is also out) who definitely are still developing as professionals and we are also relying on defensive specialists (Boyle). Unfortunately I do not see Stepan as offensively gifted enough to have the minutes he's getting and Hagelin's specialty is more defensive and possessive. Again I believe you make the Nash trade 1000 out of 1000 but our depth has to take that hit this year. Next year maybe we take MZA back, Hrivik is maybe not concussed, Miller may be ready, Stepan may take the next step or we may have an unforseen trade/signing. Not to mention the unknown elements like Fasth and Lindberg who may be better all around options then some of our current guys. The cap room is there and the players are in the system to fix this going forward but our depth had to struggle this year to pull off this very necassary trade.

We're spinning our wheels complaining about the depth this year though it had to be done.

Wish one of Mats or JAM could have stayed with the team or Hrivik wasn't concussed it'd be a help.

Regardless anytime you lose two of the guys you are relying on for offense (Kreider and Cally) the team has to take a big hit that's for any team in the league. Luckily we are so defensive minded we can certainly make up for it but against a top team like Pitt it should come as no surprise we lose.

What is inexcusable is the PP failing as miserably as it did and some of these short bus penalties

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