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Originally Posted by AP View Post
What is going on is that there has been a threat of relocation going on for years that is keeping many away along with the bad economy that makes it hard for others on how much they can spend on tickets and such. In fact, I would have at laugh at someone if they brought tickets to any event over their own and/or their families needs. Looking at history, I have yet to see a case where the fans of any team that is facing the threat of relocation would come out in droves to pack the building in order to influence having the team stay where it is and that is regardless of what kind of building they are in. If there are any, chances are it is a very small number.

The voters of Scottsdale approved the measure 2 times to get an arena in Scottsdale but the City Council of Scottsdale didn't go through with getting an arena in the city. After seeing what went on in Glendale, I wouldn't be surprised if those same council members are saying "Boy I'm glad we didn't give this team its own building". Plus Glendale was willing to step up for this team when no other city in the Valley of the Sun would.
Scottsdale is where the money is. Not Glendale.

It sounds like they went to Glendale because Glendale was the only city that was dumb enough to put up the money. If so, then shame on the Coyotes for deciding to go to poor location choice due to money.

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