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02-01-2013, 01:52 AM
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The Flames should have won this one, and no question, the loss is a big blow to their playoff hopes. At the same time, the panic here is funny to read. Especially when you go around other message boards, like the Rangers, Flyers, or the Capitals, and see the fans freaking out after every game.

Regarding Iginla, it's deja vu multiplied by what, six now? Seriously, it's like this every season - Iginla struggles to find the back of the net early on, fans start panicking and demanding ridiculous things, like reducing ice time, demotion or even removing the 'C', even though he always finds his game and goes on a torrid pace for the rest of the season.

And before someone jumps in to say that Iginla's slow starts cost the Flames a playoff, stop, because it's a wholly ridiculous and a patently false assertion. The Flames don't make the playoffs because, ultimately, the team isn't built like a team. There's no over-arching vision, no GM with a long term plan, slowly and patiently putting the pieces in place to fulfill the overall plan. Instead, there's a assortment of players thrown together and jumbled up, in the desperate hope that something comes good comes out.

It would be wise to consider Iginla's slow starts as a simple fact of life and thus, evaluate the potential options thereafter. Either the Flames choose to accept it by keeping him, and working around it by putting in pieces that can off set a slow start or the Flames can trade him and go in an entirely different direction. But you can't just do nothing and expect a different result because it would be really nice if that would happen. There's a word for that.

Kipper's play going forward, probably seems like the most pressing issue, and really, this situation feels a lot like Kipper under Keenan. The same soft goals, defensive breakdowns, etc. As so many others have suggest, Irving needs to get a start soon, so not only can the team see what they have in him, but to also perhaps, put some pressure on Kipper, assuming Irving plays well. That being said, Hartley's going to have to get the entire team to tighten up defensively. They can't just expect to be bailed out of any mistake they make because Kipper will make the save. They're going to have to start blocking shots, cut down on the horrendous giveaways, especially in the defensive zone and stop chasing the puck.

Cammalleri's supposed to be the big secondary scoring piece. That's why the Flames give up, in addition to Bourque, a 2nd round pick and Holland, a decent prospect. Right now, he's a black hole of suck. That's got to change if the teams wants to go anywhere.

But I wouldn't mind if the organization tore it down and rebuilt; I've been advocating it for a while now. And if the ownership group and King weren't lying before, if the team continues to struggle and finds itself with a 3-10-1 record or something ridiculous like that, it'll be the justification they've needed for rebuilding. Of course, if Iginla just told them he wanted out, it would speed up the process quite a bit.

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