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02-01-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Bougieman View Post
Does anyone else who was around as a Canucks fan prior to the game where Bertuzzi broke Steve Moore's back wince just a little bit after reading about all the vengence that Canucks fans want on Keith?

This city was absolutely blood-thirsty and hell-bent on getting revenge for the Naslund injury just before that game too, and if there ever was a "be careful what you wish for" situation for Canucks fans, THAT WAS IT. It could certainly be argued that it was fan fury and expectation that whipped up that situation into the ugly (although ultimately accidental) result that transpired.

I would think we would have learned from past mistakes.
I was one sort of calling for blood, but within reason. I certainly don't want another Bertuzzi incident, but i trust the coaches and guys will let Kass know not to go over the line. Don't want to see anyone get injured, another situation like that would be a nightmare, and Kassian is playing well, don't want to see him do something stupid.

Would i like to see some hawks get rocked in a fight, hell yes. Get hit hard all over the ice, yes. But be smart and disciplined about it, don't give them a million penalties, and when they do take one make it worth it. Without being too hardcore of course. Get a win, most important thing.

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