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02-01-2013, 01:25 AM
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Why has it been the SAME problem every year with this team!
For some reason 08-09 marks the first year I really remember us (post 05 lockout Rangers that is) not being able to score. No matter who we've had in our lineup since 08-09, the team has pretty much struggled to score goals. Aside from a select few defenseman and Hank, the team's makeup has changed dramatically since Torts' first year (08-09, though he started 1/2 through) and it's been the same problem every frickin year! It's gotta be on Torts at this point.

Obviously it's hard to fault him after reaching the ECFs, but aside from that one great season last year, the man missed the playoffs in 09-10, and then had to rely on Tampa to secure us an 8th seed in 10-11. If we keep struggling to score, (god forbid) have an underwhelming year this season where the team possibly misses the POs, then next season we HAVE to explore other coaching options.
Solely relying on Hank can only get you so far, and we saw last year that the glass ceiling for relying on Hank and blocking every shot in sight was not enough. We need to score, and we have a very capable roster for that, however this mindless dump and chase system doesn't cut it. With our top line we should be playing exciting offensive hockey, not this mindless BS.

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