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02-01-2013, 01:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Flamesarmstrong22 View Post
I saw the thread that said Columbus needs a finisher and the flames need size IMO so what about a 1 for 1 swap of cammelerri for umberger? Both have leadership skills, both are 30 years old and both i think could benefit from a change
(even though cammy just came back to Calgary not too long ago)

P.s I also think Columbus should add a bit to deal seeing as IMO cammelerri obviously has the higher ceiling but not a big plus. Maybe a depth D like John Moore? Or a pick (2nd/3rd)
Things wrong with this post:
1) The idea that we'd trade a forward of any kind at all to get a forward. (We are far too low on scoring depth as is and cannot afford to lose any scoring that we already possess. The idea at present is to add, not replace.)
2) The idea of a one-for-one swap, to gain finishing ability. (Umberger routinely scores as many or more goals than Cammalleri. Lateral move)
3) The suggestion that assets would have to be added going to the Flames. (Turns this into a ripoff move for the Jackets.)
4) The suggestion that John Moore constitutes "depth D". (He is one of our "Big Four" along with Murray, Savard, and Erixon; a rapidly maturing young defenseman who is likely to stick around for a while. Flames equivalent: us asking for "depth forward" Baertschi.)
5) The implication that Moore would be involved at all in any such trade. (If you had read the thread about us needing finishers, you'd know that Moore is on the no-fly list along with names like Johansen, Jenner, et cetera.)
6) The suggestion that if there is a difference in value between Cammalleri and Umberger, that that difference is large enough to warrant a 2nd round pick. (Again, see relative goal scoring over their career arcs.)

This is a poorly conceived deal, and the suggested variants reveal a staggering lack of clue w/r/t the state of the Blue Jackets and players here. I recommend doing a LOT more research before trying again.

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Originally Posted by Flamesarmstrong22 View Post
I don't see how Columbus is that much more of an attractive destination? Calgary is hockey crazy and has great fan support… the same can't be said for columbus
Setting aside the standard insult to our city and our fanbase being tossed in our face here, Umberger played college hockey here in Columbus, signed that NTC with Columbus, and lives in Columbus during the offseason. This would be like one of us suggesting that Calgary's current record means that Glencross would want out - anyone with even half a clue about the player's situation and relationship to the team would know that the very idea is insane.

This is bad, and you should feel bad.

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