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02-01-2013, 02:04 AM
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Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
Stoll had a hilarious shift in OT. He wins faceoff in his own zone, Kings pass it around behind their net for a bit, puck ends up on Stolls stick in hte corner with noone around. His options are pass it to Kopitar standing all alone up the boards, pass it to Doughty I think it was, standing in the other corner all alone, skate it out, or just clear the puck if you must.

He opts to stand still for a couple of seconds, then pass to a Predator

Nice, thats nice
What more do you expect from the Kings version of Leon Lett. Also love his shootout attempt. The whole league knows his one move, high glove. they have adjusted, yet he still tries it despite Rinne being 15 feet from the crease. The guy has **** for brains, he is without question the most useless player on the roster, and he gets worse with each passing game. Happy we re-signed him for that hometown discount, of 3 million a year.

Better finally marry one of these celebs Stool, doubt there will be many celebs in Europe or whatever minor league town you end up in when this albatross contract is over.

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