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02-01-2013, 02:07 AM
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You guys aren't hearing the whole story here. He did much more than just provide alcohol for minors.

I read an article months ago shorty after it happened that I will try to track down again. The article stated that he and some other seniors got the freshmen stupid drunk to the point where they were passed out and vomiting on themselves. The seniors then carried (yes they had to be carried) the freshmen back to their dorm rooms. The RA of the dorm saw what was happening and came over and confronted the guys and asked what was going on. Naturally the seniors got out of there and just left the kids passed out in their rooms. The RA went into the rooms to find the kids passed out and had to call the police and paramedics showed up to bring them to the hospital.

It was much more than providing a few beers to minors.

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