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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
who's talking about turning you or i (neither of us, i assume has ever played professionally) into not only pros but elite pros? we're talking taking a huberdeau and turning him from mediocre skater into a good one. and that's doable, in my opinion.

all i "claimed" was that it can be taught. and there's no debate about that. i don't want to argue numbers unless they are substantiated - as far as i'm aware, there are no studies regarding potential percentage gain through training/technique. if you are aware of some, throw them out; i'd be interested in checking them out. if not, well, i'd just say that based on my own reading and experience, there is more to be gained than 5-10%. if we take your numbers (i don't know what your background is or where you're getting them from), however, that could still be huge, regardless of what level you're at. at the nhl, though, where careers and lots of money is at stake, do you think these guys would turn their nose up at a 10% speed/quickness/agility boost? hell no, that's why the top players are availing themselves of every opportunity, whether it's gary roberts' pre-camp or david booth working with a skating instructor during the summers (would you say, btw, that his jump into the upper echelon of nhl speed thanks to technique improvements was only 5-10%?).

genetics plays a role, certainly but all the innate athleticism in the world isn't going to help you if you have poor technique and/or conditioning.

the effectiveness of the hockey IQ trainer is something that nobody can claim to know yet as the tool usa hockey produced has only been in use for a few years and there have been no studies that i'm aware of. the NTDP is using it though; perhaps one could draw some conclusions from their success of late? and that's just this specific tool - you can certainly develop it other ways. and that was really my point - that these things can be developed.
I pulled those numbers from my arse, so we dont need to debate their accuracy. Just my uninformed opinion. And using u and I to compare to world class athletes is hyperbole, but does it really matter? The point is the same.

Do you think George Parros can magically skate as fast as Jack Skille with a few powerskating classes?

Of course you can improve your skating technique, of course you can improve your stamina, of course you can do these things. But I find it very hard to believe a fundamentally slow player can become a fundamentally fast player. When was the last time you saw this happen?

You say in your last post that "these things can be developed", to which I agree. But what I was originally replying to was "speed and quickness can be taught", which I can't agree with. The overwhelming determining factor in speed is genetics. Your born fast, or your not.

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