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Originally Posted by jakethesnake23 View Post
I pulled those numbers from my arse, so we dont need to debate their accuracy. Just my uninformed opinion. And using u and I to compare to world class athletes is hyperbole, but does it really matter? The point is the same.

Do you think George Parros can magically skate as fast as Jack Skille with a few powerskating classes?

Of course you can improve your skating technique, of course you can improve your stamina, of course you can do these things. But I find it very hard to believe a fundamentally slow player can become a fundamentally fast player. When was the last time you saw this happen?

You say in your last post that "these things can be developed", to which I agree. But what I was originally replying to was "speed and quickness can be taught", which I can't agree with. The overwhelming determining factor in speed is genetics. Your born fast, or your not.
David Booth had questionable skating before he went through an unorthodox on-ice training program, which improved his technique AND speed. Huberdeau will never be Grabner, but with the right training, he absolutely can increase his speed and quickness. Athletes in all sports increase there speed, quickness, agility, etc., so why couldn't Hubby do the same?

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